Mission Statement

We are Reform Jews committed to the perpetuation of Judaism as a liberal, relevant, and sustaining faith. With humility and gratitude, we cherish the eternal ideals and values of the Torah, the Prophets, and the sacred Tradition that they inform. As did our spiritual forebears in their respective times and generations, we too seek ethical and ritual expressions of these ideals and values in forms that inspire the hearts and minds of our contemporaries. We strive to live a modern religious life worthy of the chain of Jewish continuity. In that spirit, we hereby set forth the principles of our commitment.


  1. We hold to an unshakable belief in God, the Creator of the material universe of unfathomable space and the spiritual universe of immeasurable possibility.
  2. We believe that God, ultimately beyond comprehension, can best be glimpsed through a reflective understanding of the magnificence of Creation rather than through the contradictions and unverifiability of claimed revelations or personal encounters.
  3. We believe that God is the archetype of the universal ethical and moral values of our prophetic tradition.
  4. We believe that a meaningful, responsible life infused with compassion for others, is rooted in a God faith. It is also from our faith that we derive the strength to respond to life’s challenges with dignity and steadfastness of heart. Our faith recognizes that along with life’s inherent dangers are abundant offerings of opportunity. Faith in God enables us to face life with hope, celebrate each joy in fullness, and yet never take any blessing for granted.


  1. We acknowledge Torah as the spiritual source of all Jewish life. We regard the diligent study of Torah as an imperative of Jewish living, recognizing that from such study can come a life committed to and ennobled by the values our people have cherished since time immemorial.
  2. We acknowledge that Torah is unalterable in the eternal values that are classically articulated by our prophets. At the same time, Torah is adaptable, as it has been through the centuries, to the changing landscapes of Jewish experience.
  3. We acknowledge all who have contributed to the living expression of the developmental tradition of Torah, from the seers of ancient days to the teachers of our own time.
  4. We acknowledge that Torah, in its most inclusive meanings, can also embrace what we learn from the physical and social sciences, as well as from the creative arts. In the knowledge yielded by these disciplines, we are able to discover additional tangible evidence of the human spirit’s engagement with life’s challenges.

Ritual Observance

  1. We believe that the observance of a Jewish ceremonial, either personal or communal, must exemplify the ideals and values of our tradition, and lead to the promotion of justice, kindness, and peace for every human being on the face of this earth.
  2. We encourage the contemporary application of aesthetically ennobling rituals from the past and the creation of equivalently moving ceremonies that clearly resonate our values and ideals within our world.
  3. We reaffirm the synagogue as the central institution of Jewish continuity and encourage every effort to enhance the relevance of religious study and communal worship.


  1. We believe that Israel, in its religious sense, is a universal faith-people, “a distinctive people on the earth,” composed historically of individuals from many races and innumerable polities, and united by a common devotion to the heritage of Torah.
  2. We open our hearts to all individuals who would participate in the life of this faith-people Israel, wholly or to the extent of their desire, by facilitating their sharing and welcoming them with respect.
  3. We wholeheartedly support the State of Israel, which in our time has become a haven for the oppressed of our faith-people and historically has been the geographical source of the spiritual story for the faith-people Israel. At the same time, we equally uphold the right of all who are of this faith-people to participate as free and equal citizens of their chosen lands throughout the world, convinced that Israel is a universal people and Judaism is a universal faith.

Tikkun Olam

  1. In accordance with our prophets and sages, we toil for Tikkun Olam, working for and looking toward the time when all peoples, whatever their gender, race, national origin, institutions, customs or theologies, will live in a world of opportunity, creativity and mutuality, acknowledging that we are all children of the One and only God.
  2. Toward this end, we reach out to all who would join us in peace and love, to struggle against every form of bigotry and injustice, to work ceaselessly for the empowerment of every human being, for all of us, without exception, are created in the image of God.