Weekly Torah Portion

Although not usually viewed as a Jewish online resource, Wikipedia’s "Weekly Torah Portion" is an incredible store house of information on the weekly Torah portion. Included are summaries of the aliyot, indexes of references to other passages in the Hebrew Bible as well as rabbinic literature and links to a wide scope of contemporary online Divrei Torah.
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What’s Bothering Rashi?

"What's Bothering Rashi?" is an online archive of weekly Torah portions primarily focused on the commentary of the great 11th century exegete, Rashi. This site epitomizes the work of Avigdor Bonchek's five volume work on Rashi and the Institute for the Study of Rashi and Early Commentaries.
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Kedoshim: The Golden Rule

Is Judaism a Universalistic  or a Particularistic Faith?

If you ask most people the question “What is the basic teaching of all religions,” they would probably answer, “the Golden Rule, ‘love your neighbor as yourself!’’ In our tradition, we refer to that teaching as Lev HaTorah or the heart of the Torah as it is a […]

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Torah Reading: Gen. 1:1 [Plaut, p.18/19]

Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5 [Plaut, p. 320/51]

Bereshith offers a majestic account of the creation of the world. Not to be understood literally, the Torah’s understanding of the origins of the universe emphasizes design, awe and the ultimate goodness of existence, a remarkable breakthrough in articulating humanity’s relationship with nature. The Haftarah […]

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