Insight to Confirmation


Confirmation this year will take place on Shavuot on Saturday night May 23 and Sunday May 24.   The custom of Confirmation began in Seesen, Germany in 1810, two hundred and five years ago.   KI, originally an Orthodox congregation, was established in 1847 and adopted Reform and Confirmation in 1855, one hundred and sixty years […]

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What Does Reform Judaism Stand For?

A tough, thorough but familiar look at the state of American Reform Judaism in 2014 from the perspective of a critical but not unsympathetic Conservative scholar, JTS' Jack Wertheimer. While describing many of Reform's challenges, Wertheimer does not report on current strategies or lack thereof to redirect the Reform movement.
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Reform Judaism from the Point of a Reform Jew

A fascinating description of the history and worldview of the Reform movement at the beginning of the 20th century. Influenced but not entirely shaped by the original 1885 Pittsburgh Platform, this entry includes expanded commentary on the philosophy of Samuel Hirsch, the German Reform movement and Higher Criticism.
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