On Monday, February 22, 2016, Dr. Allan Arkush spoke at our most recent APJ program which was attended by Rabbis from the tri-state area.

– Rabbi Jonathan Woll –

ArkushProf. Alan Arkush addressed the question Can Modern Judaism Be Rational? at APJ’s February 22nd meeting at NYC’s Temple Israel. Dr. Arkush is a Professor of Modern Jewish Intellectual History at Binghamton – SUNY and a Senior Contributing Editor of the Jewish Review.
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– Rabbi Michael Shevack –

Arkush-ShevackBeyond ordinary thanks to Dr. Arkush’s for his presentation on Mendelssohn’s difficult negotiation:   between the Christian culture in which he resided and the culture of his birth; between both of these and each particular claim to Universal Reason and Natural Law.Dr. Arkush’s presentation had me thinking all the way home. What can we learn from Mendelssohn which might actually be the salvation of Progressive Jews? No, not just Progressive Jews, but Jews in general? No, not just Jews in general– since we are to be a Light unto the Nations– but the salvation of our world? Read More